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Among the facilities near Venice, La Corte del Brenta stands out as much for the vaunted proven experience in the specific field of expertise, as for the ‘efficient food service guaranteed to its customers.

On our dinner tables, the traditional homemade pasta dominates the scene and, wrapping the dressing in a full-bodied embrace, merges with the latter, delighting the senses with scents, flavors and sensations of yesteryear.

The meat dishes are prepared exclusively with raw materials coming from our breeding facilities. A detail of quality, in addition to characterize each developed with a unique flavor and firm, allows us to provide each customer with the total genuineness of our gastronomic proposals.

The tender vegetables and crispy caress the palate and lend themselves to accompany each dish contemplated in the menu.

With every bite you can rediscover the true taste of the “good food”.

Wise combinations and delicate harmonies characterize each course and, marrying greens and vegetables from our garden, make it unique and tasty every processed.

The homemade desserts are prepared according to ancient recipes of our culinary tradition and, thanks to the use of eggs from our own production, embellish our paper dessert with flavors and aromas of days gone by.

Company dinners, communions, birthdays, business dinners and banquets year-end, our catering service will meet all your different needs, studying and proposing customized menus also tons of vegetarian dishes.

Rediscover with us the unmistakable taste of healthy eating Agriturismo Corte del Brenta

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